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Author of romance 



Charlotte Kerswill's passion for the world of writing began when she increased her family of four to twenty-something via a fictional list of siblings when she was ten. These then turned into short stories and eventually progressed to novels, by which time she stuck to her family of four and created numerous characters, separate to her world, with their own lives, quirks and ambitions.


Charlotte indulges in writing love stories but not without a whirlwind of unfolding drama, deceit, tests and desires throughout, transporting readers on a capricious journey, enjoying writing both happy and tragic endings.

In addition to writing, Charlotte is qualified as an aesthetic practitioner, an artist and has a new found love for the ocean, thanks to her book research. Art is another passion in her life, as well as spontaneous adventures and flavoured gin. She writes from her home in the South East of England where she lives with her rescued German Shepherd dog.

Works in progress

A love and a life - the ocean takes it all

- A choice of fate

Just a freak accident, just a death, just a lie

feel the pain, see the truth

-10,000 miles


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