Fashion has an influence all over the world, from latest trends to cultures through time.  I have always been inspired by fashion and how it is portrayed, and in New York 2008 I was lead to see the influence in a photograph by the media and billboards all over the city.  Since that trip, it has heightened my sense for the power in the stances of female figures that enable an outlet of emotion.

My love of art made it easy to create images in my mind to transfer onto canvas and paper.  I see art as celebrating the human form in all its glory, one with many depths into the ability to surface feelings, emotions, dreams and empowerment.

I take satisfaction in believing brush strokes are a way to visually blend the heart with the mind.

In my paintings I use value to emphasise the atmosphere within the story of the painting itself, settling a mood upon the visual consumer.  I believe there is a form of beauty in everything from physical appearances to traits and morals of the human being, which, when posed in an editorial fashion, can enlighten the curious mind and awaken the inner imagination.  My aim is to represent beauty in a showcase of stories and paths of life using emotion and expression with the female form in a sense of fashion and editorial influence.

I find importance in dispersing the thick fog of judgement that chokes us on a daily basis and instead tend it with medicine of the soul's connection with beauty, freedom of life and power of imagination.




New Artist Fair


13th-15th September 2019

Sussex Art Fair

Goodwood Racecourse

West Sussex

2nd-4th June 2021

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"         Henry David Thoreau

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