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W o r k  i n  P r o g r e s s

An accident,a hero, a wish

A choice of fate blurb

Ever believed in fate? Is everything really out of your control?

A Choice Of Fate

When 15-year-old Cheyenna Oliveira is rescued from drowning at sea by retired American football player, Matthew Foxx, and his 15-year-old son Freddie, who, unbeknown to her, has always admired her exotic beauty, she finds herself intrigued by him and his desire to help her overcome her fear of water.

As their bond continues to grow, so does Cheyenna's fear of her past catching up with her and the family secret she's desperate to keep hidden. While her love for Freddie increases, so do the stakes, as they both realise their own families have the power to impact their future with an imminent 

threat of danger, making their next moves vital for survival.


With the virtue of love, turmoil of heartbreak and a pitfall of risk racing through their lives, they are left with one question; is it really down to fate, or is it a choice?

Progress Stage: final self edit

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Halftone Palm Trees

feel the pain, see the truth

Would you trust your heart or your head? A lie or a death?

10,000 miles

Imogen Garcia is happily married to her business mogul husband, Ayden, and when his next business trip takes him out of the country it's nothing unusual --- until he never arrives.

Devastated by news of his plane crash and the quick presumption of his death, Imogen refuses to give up hope that he's still alive and resorts to finding the man she loves through endless private investigators. However, when no leads appear and her once brimming bank accounts start diminishing, she's forced to take the lead and do her own researching. But when she starts uncovering a trail only she can find, it makes her question why her family are so eager for her to move on and if she really knew the man she married.

Are her family hiding something, is her husband still alive and does she really want to find him?

Progress Stage: first draft

Next Stage: drink gin & review

10,000 miles blurb
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