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Soul, salt & serenity

This is a blog about sharing my journey and knowledge with you so you can learn to develop powerful inner tools to utilise in your everyday life. All I want for you is to realise your full potential and really create your idealistic lifestyle!

My Mission

I want to share with as many people as possible a way to live with a mind full of focus, passion and self-adoration. 

Through my own journey and reflection, as well as researching some studies, I have gained knowledge and insight into the behaviours of the mind and how your thoughts can really impact your physical world.

With the help of data, reflection techniques and my own experience, I want to show you that you are, in every way, in control of your mind, and therefore your world. I want to give you a way to see yourself in the light that you were meant to, because no one is you, uniqueness is your advantage. And my God is it beautiful!

Why Me?


I teach people how to live in positivity, reset their minds and create their own world.

Hi, I'm Charlotte!

I'm an artist, a wellness coach and a strong believer in personal creation.

I want to show you all that I can to benefit you and help you on your journey to self-admiration but if you need more support or a complete change of lifestyle, a new career venture, another purpose or an option to help you finally start the business you've been passionate about for years. All on top of being surrounded by an incredibly supportive community, then read on below.

Here's my question to you. Ever felt like you're living in a cycle of choosing between time or money? I've been there. I want to enjoy life, but to experience new things and go on adventures I need money, so I'd give up my time to earn money, but then I never had enough time to do all that I wanted because I had to be at work to earn the money in the first place. A vicious cycle that I was sick of spinning in.

Today I'm here to tell you there is another way. I found it and I want to help as many people reach dreams through online business marketing like me.

If you're curious, click the button below to find out more.

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